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Working of Gas Turbine Power Plant

Working of Gas Turbine Power Plant Points : Working of Gas Turbine Power plant Working of gas turbine plant is atmosphere air is strained into low pressure compressor throughout the air filter with it is compressed. The condensed low pressure air goes into high pressure compressor throughout the intercooler. Now, heat of compressed air is uninvolved. Then high pressure compressed air goes into combustion chamber during the regenerator. In combustion chamber, the fuel is add to compressed air with the combustion of fuel take place. The creation of combustion goes into high pressure turbine. The exhaust of high pressure turbine go to a different combustion chamber with the additional fuel is add with it goes to low pressure turbine. After expansion in low pressure turbine, exhaust is use to heat high pressure air impending to the combustion chamber throughout the regenerator. After that, the exhaust goes to atmosphere.

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