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Advantages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Power

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Power Points : Advantages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Power, Advantages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy Advantages
  1. We can manage the production as of a nuclear power station to fit our needs. It is comparatively simple to control the output - while time factor for altering power output is not as small as for fossil fuel stations.
  2. Nuclear power stations do not create burn particles to contaminate the environment or emit gases that contibute to acid rain.
  3. Nuclear power stations do not supply to carbon emissions - no CO2 is given out - it thus does not add to global warming.
  4. Nuclear energy is by distant the mainly concerted type of energy - a lot of energy is formed as of a small mass of fuel.
  5. Nuclear power plants don't need a lot of space; they do not require a large design similar to a wind farm.
  6. Nuclear power is reliable. It does not depend on the climate.
  1. They generate plutonium. It is an part which is not found in environment though it is a fissionable element. It is a by-product of chain reaction and is extremely dangerous if introduced in nature. It is mainly use to produce nuclear weapons. Most expected, it is named as dirty bomb.
  2. Nuclear mistake can increase radiation produce particles over a extensive area. This radiation problem the cells of body which can create humans sick or even cause death.
  3. Nuclear power plants produce outside dependence. Shortly countries have uranium mines and not all countries have nuclear technology, so both have to be taking on abroad.
  4. Removal of nuclear waste is extremely classy. As it is radioactive it has to be liable of in such a way as it will not make dirty the environment.
  5. Decommissioning of nuclear power stations is costly with takes a long time.
  6. Nuclear power plants are targets for terrorist organizations.

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