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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Components of Nuclear Power Plant

Components of Nuclear Power Plant Points :Main Components of a Nuclear Power Plant, Nuclear Reactor, Nuclear Fuel, Control Rods, Steam Generator, Reflector, Moderator, Condenser, Shielding, Turbine The main components of a nuclear power plant are:
1. Nuclear Reactor
2. Nuclear Fuel
3. Control Rods
4. Steam Generator
5. Reflector
6. Moderator
7. Condenser
8. Shielding
9. Turbine
1. Nuclear Reactor Nuclear reactor might be regard as a substitute for boiler furnace of steam power plant. Heat formed in reactor due to nuclear fission of fuel. Through the fission method, the large quantity of heat is liberate. This large quantity of heat is immersed with the coolant and it is scattered through the core.
The different kind of reactors use in nuclear power plant is:
1. Pressurized water reactor
2. Boiling water reactor
3. Fast breeder reactor
2. Nuclear Fuel Fuel of a nuclear reactor must be fissionable substance which can be define as an element or isotope whose nuclei can cause to endure nuclear fission with nuclear offensive with to generate a fission chain reaction. It can be one or every of following U233, U235 and Pu239. 3. Control Rods
  1. They must be enough strong and should be able to shut down the reactor about directly under all situation.
  2. They must contain enough cross sectional area for the absorption.
  3. They must contain sufficient heat transfer property.
  4. They must be constant under heat and radiation.
  5. They must be corrosion opposing.
4. Steam Generator Heat liberate in reactor is in use up with the coolant circulating through core. The function of coolant is to move the heat produce in reactor core with use it for steam generation. Ordinary water or heavy water is a general coolant. 5. Reflector Neutrons formed during the fission method will be partially engrossed by fuel moderator, rods, coolant or structural material and so on. Neutrons left unabsorbed will endeavor to leave reactor core and will be mislaid. Such loss is reducing by surrounding the reactor core with a material call reflector which will send neutrons back in core. Return neutrons can then source more fission with improve the neutrons economy of reactor. Commonly the reflector is invented of beryllium and graphite. 6. Moderator Moderator is use to decrease kinetic energy of fast neutrons into slow neutrons with to amplify the possibility of chain reaction. Heavy water, Graphite and beryllium are commonly use as moderator. A moderator must possess the following property:
  1. It must contain high melting point lest of solid moderators with low melting point in case of liquid moderators. Solid moderators must also have fine machinability and strength.
  2. It must be accessible in large amount in pure form.
  3. It must be constant under heat and radiation.
  4. It must have elevated thermal conductivity.
  5. It must give good resistance to corrosion.
  6. It must be able to slow neutrons
7. Condenser Exhaust steam as of turbine flows to condenser where cooling water is circulated. Exhaust steam is reduced to water in condenser through cooling. Condensate is pump over into the steam generator through the feed pump. 8. Shielding Reactor is a cause of strong radioactivity. These radiations are extremely dangerous and protecting is providing to soak up the radioactive rays. A thick concrete shielding with a pressure vessel is providing to stop the radiations escaped to environment. 9. Turbine Steam formed in steam generator is passed to turbine. Work is done through the expansion of stem in turbine.

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