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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Applications of Diesel Engines in Power Field

Applications of Diesel Engines in Power Field Points : Applications of Diesel Engines in Power Field Diesel Electric Power Plants are mostly used in the following field.
a. Nursery station
b. Standby unit
c. Peak load plant
d. Emergency plant
e. Mobile plant
f. Starting stations
g. Central stations
a. Nursery Station In absence of major grid, a diesel plant installs to provide power in a small town. In way of time, while electricity as of major grid become existing in town, diesel unit can be move to some other area which needs power on a little scale. Such a diesel plant is call "nursery station". b. Standby Unit If major unit stop working or cannot cope up by the require, a diesel plant can provide necessary power. Such as, if water accessible in a hydro-plant is not sufficiently accessible due to less rainfall, the diesel station function in parallel to produce the short fall in power. c. Peak Load Plant Diesel plants plant can be use in mixture by thermal or hydro-plants as peak load units. They can simply start or stopped at a small notice to meet the peak command. d. Emergency Plant In power break in a essential unit similar to a key industrial plant or a hospital, a diesel electric plant can use to produce the needed power. e. Mobile Plant Diesel power plants mount on trailer is use for temporary or urgent situation purpose for example for supplying power to large civil engineering works. f. Starting Stations Diesel units is use to run the auxiliaries (like FD and ID fans, BFP, etc.) for initial a large steam power plant. g. Central Stations Diesel electric plants is use as middle station where the power requisite is small.

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