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Monday, 30 June 2014

Classification of Gas Turbine Power Plant

Classification of Gas Turbine Power Plant Points : Classification of Gas Turbine, Open cycle gas turbine, Closed cycle gas turbine Gas turbines might be mostly classified as:
i. Open Cycle Gas Turbine
ii. Closed Cycle Gas Turbine
i. Open Cycle Gas Turbine Open cycle gas turbine, air is strained into compressor as of the atmosphere. Compressed air is intense with directly flaming the fuel in air at stable pressure within the combustion chamber. High pressure hot gases as of combustion chamber drive turbine with the power is develop as the turbine shaft rotate. The gas turbines are not character starting. Starting motor take the compressor till fuel is inject in the combustion chamber, one time the turbine starts fast speed the starting motor is detached. Piece of power develop through the gas turbine (about 60%) is use to drive compressor with the remain is use to drive a generator or other mechanism. In open cycle the working fluid specifically air with the fuel has to be change constantly as they are exhausted into atmosphere. Therefore the entire flow comes as of atmosphere with is return to the atmosphere, thus it is call open cycle.
ii. Closed Cycle Gas Turbine In Closed cycle the dense air as of the atmosphere is excited in air heater (heat exchanger). Heat is added to air heater as of various outside sources (oil or coal) at stable pressure. High pressure work fluids increase through turbine with power is developing. The exhaust work fluid is chilled in a pre cooler before the similar fluid is sent into compressor again. Closed cycle gas turbine the similar working fluid is constantly circulated. The fuel required for addition heat as of an external source can several fuels range as of kerosene, to heavy oil with even peat and coal slurry with no reducing efficiency.

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