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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Bourdon’s Pressure Gauge

Bourdan’s Pressure Gauge Points : Bourdan Pressure Gauge, working of Bourdan Pressure Gauge, Definition It is mainly general kind of mechanical gauge which is use for measure of pressure inside the pipes, vessels, and so on. Bourdan pressure gauge is consisting of a bronze tube of elliptical cross section by ‘C’ form set at one end and free to travel at other end. Free end is attached through a link to tooth sector which is pivot at ‘c’. Tooth part engage by pinion. Pointer confirms the pressure on dial is attach to shaft of pinion. As the fluid pressure increase, the tube tends to become instantly. Owing to this action, free end of tube travel outwards cause the movement of link. External movement of link cause tooth sector to turn anticlockwise on the pivot ‘c’, cause movement of pinion beside by pointer in clockwise.

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