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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Utilization of Wind Energy

Utilization of Wind Energy Points : Utilization of Wind Energy Windmill is consisting of a tower mount, two bladed and multi-bladed rotors facing wind, rotate about a horizontal axis with rotating an electrical generator. The power in wind enhance by the cube of wind speed. Windmills are assembling by a capability as of a only some kW to some MW. They are each connected to a grid or function in an autonomous mode. For a capacity of 100 kW, the diameter is in varying of 20m with for 250 kW, diameter is about 32 in. Side view of a horizontal axis multi-bladed windmill for pump water from wells for domestic use or for negligible irrigation. Head beside which water is pump vary as of 3 m to 15 m by a seasonal difference of the order of 5 m. consider low speed of wind mills, it is mainly suitable to couple it by positive displacement pumps which can function capably at these speeds. Rotor speed has to be stepped up when it is attached by rotor dynamic pumps. Excess water pump can be store in overhead tanks with can use in non windy periods. Modem function of windmill water pump process involves pump water under high pressure to irrigation sprinklers. In any more option, the water pump windmill drives a small air compressor with compressed air pumps water. Benefit of system is that windmill can be located at a convenient place away as of the well.

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