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Friday, 27 June 2014

Classification of Power Plants

Classification of Power Plants Points : Classification of Power Plants, Types of Power Plants Power plants create use of any one of energy sources to generate power. Depend on kind of energy source power plants are classified as:
  • Geothermal power plant (make use of heat energy accessible under the ground)
  • Hydro electric power plant (makes use of potential power of water)
  • Internal combustion engine plants (make use of diesel or petrol)
  • Tidal power plant (makes use of power of tides in ocean)
  • Gas turbine power plant (makes use of a stable gas)
  • Wind power (makes use of energy available in wind)
  • Solar power plant (make use of sun energy heat)
  • Nuclear power plant (make use of nuclear fuels)
  • Thermal power plant (It make use of coal)

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