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Types of Shaper Machine

Types of Shapers Points : Types of Shaper Machine, Kinds of Shaper Machine Concise explanations of different types of shapers are use in workshops as.
1. Contour shaper
2. Universal shaper
3. Standard shaper
4. Draw cut shaper
5. Horizontal shaper
6. Crank shaper
7. Vertical shaper
8. Hydraulic shaper
9. Geared shaper
1. Contour shaper Contour shaper is usual shapers fixed by an additional tracer mechanism. This shaper has a pattern and follower is use to make a contour like to shape of template. It is proper for produce shapes that cannot be formed by shapers.
2. Universal shaper Universal shaper is moreover a horizontal shaper by major dissimilarity that it has a special kind of table to can be swung on horizontal axis parallel to the ram way. Top of table can too be twisted on another horizontal axis which is normal to former axis. Its call a universal shaper as job be able to tilted in any way during necessary angle by the help of a swivel vice.
3. Standard shaper Standard Shaper mainly generally uses type of shaper. It has of plain table to can or cannot contain vertical supports at its front. A few machines have a condition for the table to swivel around a horizontal axis parallel to the ram. Material is cut in forward stroke of tool with come back stroke is unused.
4. Draw cut shaper Draw cut shaper comparable to a standard shaper in construction except is moderately heavier. Its major disparity as of standard shaper is that it peels off metal chips through backward stroke while a standard shaper does so through forward stroke.
5. Horizontal shaper Horizontal shaper is the force reciprocates in horizontal plane with so do the tool. It’s like to standard shapers by an additional plain table provide in machine.
6. Crank shaper Crank shapers whose ram reciprocate by help of a crank mechanism are known as crank shapers.
7. Vertical shaper Vertical shaper, the ram reciprocate in vertical way. This is also known as a slotter.
8. Hydraulic shaper Hydraulic shaper the motion to the ram is give by hydraulic pressure. They are very helpful in engineering workshops.
9. Geared shaper Geared shaper the ram reciprocate by spur gear mechanism. This type of shaper carries a rack under the ram fur up and down movement.

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