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Monday, 10 March 2014

Job Holding Devices Used on a Shaper Machine

Job Holding Devices Used on a Shaper Points : Job Holding Devices Used on a Shaper, Plain or parallel vice, Swivel machine vice, Universal vice, Vertical vice, Compound machine vice, Precision angle vice The majority of jobs on a shaper machine are held in vice, except frequently job is also fixed on table. Usually, following job holding devices are used on a shaper:
1. Swivel base vice
2. Universal machine vice
3. Plain vice
4. Precision angle vice
5. Compound machine vice
6. Vertical vice
1. Swivel base vice Swivel base vice have of a rotate base which is mount on a cast iron base. Body of vice is mount on a swivel base and be able to clamped in any angular place by way of clamping bolt. Graduate scale is providing on rotate base which helps in adjust body at any preferred angle relative to base and swivel base this vice is like to a plain vice in construction. Vice is mounting on table by the help of slots and T-bolts provide on base.
2. Universal machine vice Universal machine vice separately as of being swiveled in the horizontal plane preserve also be slanted in vertical plane to preferred angles. Therefore this vice is fit for milling with shaping of compound angles. It allows machining of different surfaces that are diverse inclinations, with no remove the job as of the vice.
3. Plain vice Plain Vice most generally use used for all engineering process is plain vice. It has of a solid cast iron fundamental that carry an unchanging jaw at one end. Other end carry an important projection which is threaded within and acts as a nut for screwed spindle, which as rotary in it move the changeable jaw. Plain vice is generally using for hold work for shaping, milling with grinding process.
4. Precision angle vice Precision angle vice has of a cast iron base that carry two small vertical projection. One end of body is hinged over one projection and other end can be familiar in a vertical way to necessary angle. One end by the hinge carries a vernier scale for making accurate and rapid angular adjustment of job in an upright plane.
5. Compound machine vice Compound machine vice is an extremely functional accuracy vice that carries a compound slide similar to compound slide use on a lathe. Work piece is held among the jaws of vice, which is fixed on the table. This table preserve be swiveled to any preferred angle in horizontal plane. Compound slide facilitate in adjustment of work in several preferred place from left to right, front to back and vice versa. It is a very useful vice for making angular surfaces on machines such as shaper and milling.
6. Vertical vice Vertical vice is like to a plain vice in creation. The simply dissimilarity is in the position of jaws. Vertical vice carry jaws in a vertical position and is particularly use for holding jobs that are to be machined at the ends.

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