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Care and Maintenance of Shaper Machine

Care and Maintenance of Shaper Machine Points : Care and Maintenance of Shaper Machine Shaper machines, similar to all machine tools, are subject to lasting wear. This can be counteract by careful handling and regular care and maintenance of machines.
  1. Protect every guideways beside chips, scale, dirt and scratch of any kind. Otherwise they will rapidly wear. Imprecise work would be the effect. Give special attention to guideways of the ram.
  2. Previous to initial your daily work, lubricate all manual lubrication position according to the rules. Poor lubrication results in early wear.
  3. Before preparatory the machine, make sure, whether all levers are in right position. Wrong lever positions might effect in breakages.
  4. The working instruction are binding for use and protection of machine and have to be carefully observed.
  5. Apply the specific lubricant in the precise quantity at specified time to relevant lubricating point.
  6. Tools necessary for work have to lie on suitable bases in a well set and handy manner.
  7. Place clamping way and change gears always in the place provide for them.
  8. Give unused parts of guideways by protective means beside impurities.
  9. Clean the machine every day at the end of work.
  10. Always keep just right order at the workplace.

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