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Shaper Machine Clamping Devices

Shaper Machine Clamping Devices Points : Shaper Machine Clamping Devices, Explain various clamping devices for shaping work
  1. The majority of jobs can be firmly held by means of clamps, which are bolted to table by F-Bolts. A block of proper height is located under one end of clamp to keep it height.
  2. Shaper vise is also use to clamp pre-machined work by parallel surfaces. Vise can be swiveled at any angle necessary on the work.
  3. Slim part of work might be held by the dogs. Some pairs of dog’s possible use to hold work, according to length of material.
  4. Worktable is give with the T slot, on three sides and be able used to clamp work piece by using T bolts and clamps.

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