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Size and Specification of Shaper Machine

Size and Specification of Shaper Machine Points : Size and Specification of Shaper Machine, Size and Specification of shaping Machine Highest length of cut it can take gives the dimension of shaper common size range as of 175 mm to 900 mm. In adding to this, extra details also required to detail a shaper. Specification of a shaper as follows:
  1. Ram cycles per minute or strokes per minute 15 to 90
  2. Highest vertical travel of toot slide 150mm
  3. Highest horizontal travel of table 450mm
  4. Dimension of side table 473mm x 330mm
  5. Floor space necessary 1981mm x 1067mm
  6. Limit vertical travel of table 475m
  7. Fairly accurate net weight 1750kg
  8. Power of the motor 3 HP
  9. Extent of stroke 610mm

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