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Types of Drills Bits

Types of Drills Bits Points : Types of Drills Bits, Kinds of Drills Bits, Straight fluted drills, Oil hole Drills, Core drill, High helix drills, Low helix drill Twist drill method is affected to go with precise drilling process types with sizes materials, high assembly rates and particular function. Design of drills might differ in number and width or flutes quantity of edge. In adding, flutes possibly straight or helical along with helix possibly right hand or else left hand twist. Types of Drills Bits are as below.
1. Straight fluted drills
2. Oil hole drills
3. Core drill
4. High helix drills
5. Low helix drill
1. Straight fluted drills These drills are use intended for drill process on soft materials such as brass, brazen, moreover different kind or plastics. Straight flute prevent the drill as of dig keen on material as cutting. But straight fluted drill is not presented.
2. Oil hole Drills This drill contain one or two oil holes operation as of shank to cutting point during which compare air, oil or cutting fluid be able to forced while deep holes are being drill. This drill is commonly use on turret lathes and screw machines.
3. Core drill These drills are use to expand cored drill, or punch holes. This drill has reward over two fluted drills in assembly with finish. Core drill might he use in place or a reamer for finishing a hole.
4. High helix drills These drills are use for deep drilling holes in di-cast, aluminum cooper, material with further metals where chips contain a bent to jam in hole. The wider flutes of this drill support in cleaning chips as of the hole.
5. Low helix drill These drills are mounting to drill brass with thin material. This type of drill is use to drill thin holes in a few aluminum and magnesium alloys. This is generally use on turret lathes along with screw machine.

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