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Use of Drilling Machine

Use of Drilling Machine Points : Uses of Drilling Machine, Use of Drill Press, Application of Drilling Machine Drilling machine, call a drill press, use to cut holes into metal, wood and other materials. Drilling machines use drilling tool to have cutting edges at its point. This cutting tool is held in drill press with a chuck or Morse taper with is rotate and fed in to work on changeable speeds. Drilling machines can use to present further operations. They can present Drilling, Reaming, Boring, Counter boring, Countersinking, Spot facing, Tapping, Lapping, Grinding and Trepanning. Drill press machinist have to recognize how to set up work, set speed and feed, and give for coolant to obtain a suitable finished result. Size or capability of drilling machine is generally determined with the largest piece of stock that can be center-drilled. For example, 15-inch drilling machine can center-drill a 30-inch-diameter piece of stock. Other ways to decide the size of drill press are with the largest hole that can drilled, the space among the spindle and column, and vertical distance among the worktable and spindle.

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