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Drill Coolant and Lubricants

Drill Coolant and Lubricants Points : Drill Coolant and Lubricants, Drilling Drilling at optional cutting speed and feed reason extensive heat at drill point. This heat has to be reduced as rapidly as feasible or else; it will reason a drill to dull quickly. The principle of a cutting fluid is to give equally cool and lubrication. Used for a liquid to be mainly useful in falling heat it have to be capable to absorb heat quickly contain a good resistance to loss, and include a high thermal conductivity. Oil has poured cooling behavior. Water is greatest coolant; but, it is rarely use by itself as it promote corrosion and has no lubricating rate. Mostly a good cutting fluid must contain following quality:
1. Care for the work against rusting
2. Recover the cutting action
3. Cool work piece and tool
4. Give anti weld property
5. Clean away the chips
6. Decrease friction

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