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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Care of Drilling Machines

Care of Drilling Machines Points : Care of Drilling Machines, Care of Drill Press Lubrication Lubrication is foremost as of the heat and friction produce by the moving parts. Follow the manufacturer’s guidebook for proper lubrication methods. Clean every machine after use. Clean T-slots, grooves and dirt as of belts and pulleys. Clean chips to shun damage to moving parts. Wipe all spindles and sleeves free of grit to shun damaging the precision fit. Put a light coat of oil on all unpainted surfaces to stop rust. Operate all machines by care to avoid overworking the electric motor. Special Care Operations under adverse conditions need special care. If machines are operate in very dusty conditions operate at the slowest speeds to shun rapid abrasive wear on moving parts and lubricate the machines more regularly. Under extreme cold conditions, start the machines at a slow speed and allow the parts and lubricants to warm up before raising the speeds. Metal becomes extremely brittle in extreme cold so do not strike the machines by hard tools. Excessive heat can cause the motor to overheat so use irregular. Or on and off, operations to keep the motor operation cool.

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