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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Drilling Machine - True and False

Drilling Machine - True and False Points : Drilling Machine, Drill Press True and False, Drilling Machine Objective Question Answers
  1. The work piece should never be held in the hands while drilling.T
  2. Maintain constant awareness of activity in surrounding area.T
  3. A drill press is a power-driven machine used to drill, counter-bore and counters ink holes.T
  4. Counter-bearing is done to prepare a drilled hole to receive a fluster or socket head screw.T
  5. It is permissible to leave the chuck key in the chuck while drilling a hole.F
  6. When drilling a hole on a drill press it is -OK to stop the drill chuck with your hands n rake the job.F
  7. The prick punch is used to mark where a hole is to be drilled.T
  8. Too slow a speed will cause the countersink to chatter.T
  9. Use only brushes, vacuums or special tools for machine clean up.T
  10. Always secure the work piece by clamping it to the table or holding it in a vise.T

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