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Shaper Machine Safety Precautions

Shaper Machine Safety Precautions Points : Shaper Machine Safety Precautions Following safety precautions must be observed as work on a shaper:
  1. Make adjustment on machine only while it is not in process or else accidents can happen, such as being fixed among the work and cutting tool.
  2. Examine warily the operation manual supplied by machine and familiarize yourself by all the process controls of machine.
  3. As functioning on a shaper, work piece have to be held tightly on table by proper devices.
  4. A necktie is a danger about machines. Remove it.
  5. Clean work piece and table just by a brush.
  6. Keep sleeves rolled up over the elbows.
  7. Wear goggles to care for your eyes.
  8. Keep away as of speedy chips.

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