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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Planer Operations

Planer Operations Points : Planing Machine Operations, Planer Machine Operations, Process By first every planing operation, work-piece is clamp tightly on planer table with different clamping devices. Different operations present on a planer is given below:
1. Planing Curved Surfaces
2. Planing Vertical Surfaces
3. Planing Horizontal Surfaces
4. Planing Slots and Dovetails
5. Planing at an Angle and Grooving
1. Planing Curved Surfaces Planing Curved surfaces be created on a planer through use particular fixtures. Fixture have of a radius arm pivot by bracket. Bracket is attached to cross part attach to housing. Slide is fixed to radial arm after remove feed screw. As planing cross-feed is occupied. These reason saddle to navigate to cross-rail with the tool more a guide radius to make a curved in surface. 2. Planing Vertical Surfaces Planing with use a side head is belier. Bolts of tool holder are loosen with tool holder is swivel also to left or the right place. Swiveling stop the tool as of exhausted over planed surface. By enchanting a cut it requirements to be ensure to sliding of tool is vertical to horizontal surface. Tool is bring into place with the cut is started. Tool is fed down through necessary feed with next cut is in use. Process is repeat till the entire of surface is machined. 3. Planing Horizontal Surfaces Work-piece is held tightly on table with cross-rail is set to proper height. Roughing tool is located in tool holder such to it is vertical to work-piece. Deepness of cut speed with supply is familiar and equally the rail heads are motivated at the same time for removal of metal, by cutting tool next to reciprocate job. Process is continuous turn over roughing cuts are ended. Finishing of job is finished by the help of a finishing tool by pleasing beam cuts. 4. Planing Slots and Dovetails Planing Slots are created by use a slot tool in equal method as on a shaper. The way of cutting dovetail is comparable to that of grooving. 5. Planing at an Angle and Grooving Planing of job at an angle is finished by swivel toot head assembly about the centre axis by respect to saddle. Protractor is set at a preferred angle with clamped to table of planer. Reading are in use through placing gauge at dissimilar place. Comparable readings mean that tool holder is accurately put. Work-piece is set tightly on planer bed with planing of surface is finished by feed the tool. Dial gauge is use for precise setting of tool holder at an angle. Cutting at angle with groove process be able to understand simply through planing V-block. Past set tool with clamp job the tool cuts reciprocate part. Following every cut the tool is higher through the necessary feed to replicate the Cut. Method is continuous till finish.

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