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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Types of Grinder Machine

Types of Grinder Points : Types of Grinder, Kinds of Grinder, Types of grinding machine, Bench Grinder, Pedestal Grinder There are two types of grinder are given below.
1. Bench Grinder
2. Pedestal Grinder

1. Bench Grinder Bench grinders are generally an electric motor mount on a fit base and have rotor shaft extensive as of all side. Grinding wheel is mounting on both end of shaft. One wheel is generally a coarse free cutting wheel for roughing while other is a fine-grained wheel use to provide a smooth flat surface to the tool bit or drill being ground.
2. Pedestal Grinder Pedestal grinder is approximately like to bench grinder. Pedestal grinder or floor type grinder is generally had a grinding wheel and both end or a shaft which extend during an electric motor. Grinder is use for sharpen tools with for other all-purpose grinding.

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