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Safety Precautions for Planer Machine

Safety Precautions for Planer Points : Safety Precautions for Planer Machine, Safety Precautions for Planing Machine While operate any kind of planer, it is imperative that all safety precautions be exactingly observed.
  1. Confirm that the work-piece clears cross rail with tool heads by staring machine.
  2. Never travel the plate. Stand on side near control levers and switches.
  3. Remain your mind on job. Inattentiveness results in accident.
  4. Make tighter the stop dogs steadily before first machine.
  5. For eternity stand to side of planer while it is working.
  6. Ensure that work is correctly clamp by testing before.
  7. Necktie is a danger around machines. Take away it.
  8. Clean work piece and table just by a brush.
  9. Wear goggles through work on planer.
  10. Sleeves rolled up over the elbows.

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