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Operations Performed on a Shaper Machine

Operations Performed on a Shaper Points : Operations Performed on a Shaper, Horizontal Cutting, Cutting Vertical and Angular Surfaces, Irregular Cutting, Machining a Thin Job on a Shaper, Keyway Cutting, Checking the Shaper Vice and Work Piece Horizontal Cutting Straight smooth face is making by feed work in a horizontal way below the reciprocating cutting tool. Cutting process involves the follow steps:
  1. Methodically clean the vice with job and remove all burrs by scrape or filling.
  2. Put the work piece in vice on a pair of comparable so that the job project over vise for simple operation of cut.
  3. Put work piece at a correct place in vice with ensure that vice jaws are set at right angles to ram.
  4. Choose the correct tool with fit in tool holder.
  5. Regulate the depth of cut to be taken through way of down feed handle of tool holder.
  6. Initiate machine with feed it by hand. If required, set automatic feed with create the cut.
  7. After conclusion of cut, ensure dimensions and take further cuts as per requirements keep in mind that finishing cut to be in use is light.
Cutting Vertical and Angular Surfaces Before operation vertical cutting on shaper, make sure that work piece is held tightly with correctly on the table. Vertical cutting process is carried out by give vertically downward feed to the tool.
This method is use for finishing the sides of block, squaring ends of the part, squaring shoulders, cutting Vs with keyways. For taking angular cuts, head is swivelled to requisite angle with the apron is given in such a manner to the tool remains clear of work as feeding down.
Angular surface can machined by following way:
  1. Through mark a layout line on piece with holding job in a horizontal line by this layout line and then machining the part by a regular feed.
  2. Through supporting work on tapered parallel in vice.
  3. By swivelling vice to an angular site.
  4. By holding work in angular parallels.
  5. By swivelling head of shaper.
Irregular Cutting A precise unequal surface finish can obtain through using a form tool whose surface, as cutting forms form of surface. Wider rough cuts can take through mark a line with then taking cuts. This can as well do by vertical hand feed beside by a horizontal table feed. In taking unequal cuts, for all time start as of the higher part of work piece with continue towards the lower part. Machining a Thin Job on a Shaper As machining a thin job on shaper, it must be prevented as of springing. This can finish by holding job tightly and taking very light cuts as of the start till the end of job. Keyway Cutting Keyway cutting on shaper is complete by holding work piece in a vice through using a V-block. The axis of shaft is set parallel to movement of stroke by the help of dial indicator. The position of shaft is done by dial indicator as of top with the side of shaft. Keyway cutting process is carrying out just similar to cutting groove on shaper. The major dissimilarity among groove cutting and keyway cutting lies in the way of holding the work piece. Checking the Shaper Vice and Work Piece To make sure whether the fixed jaw of vice is similar to stroke of ram, fasten vice strongly to the table by the stationary jaw of vice equivalent to the stroke of ram. Hold the dial indicator in tool holder by the point of indicator moving the finished surface of jaw. Move the ram leisurely back and forth with note movement of indicator. In case it is initiate to the work or vice is not comparable, check the vice correctly, take away all burrs and repeat the process.

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