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Principal Parts of Turret Lathe Machine

Principal Parts of Turret Lathe Points : Principal Parts of a Capstan or Turret Lathe Machine Capstan lathe is also known as Turret lathe, It basically consists of similar parts as engine lathe, by a turret with complex mechanism built-in in it. Principal parts of a turret lathe are gives as.
1. Saddle
2. Headstock
3. Bed
4. Tool accessories
1. Saddle Saddles change the tailstock of centre lathe is mounting on lathe bed on equal side as tailstock in a centre lathe. The head generally hexagonal in turret lathes with circular in capstan lathes. Shaft of tools are insert into holes of a turret head with fixed by screws. Tools are set correctly in these holes with indexed for controlled motion. Indexing of tool is in clockwise way. After indexing, automatic feed be able to engage with production process ongoing. 2. Headstock Headstock of a turret lathe is the design and purpose of a centre lathe. It has Multi speed electric motor motivated headstock. In this method the speed necessary is preferred before hand by set a pointer on an indicating dial. While an additional speed is preferred, movement of another lever causes the spindle to adjust speed. 3. Bed Bed of a turret lathe has of an extended box similar to casting provided by accurate point way. Ended the bed are mount the carriage with turret saddle. Bed of a turret have to be stiff strong with have good damp ability. 4. Tool accessories The different tools and accessories use in a centre lathe, some tools are use for manufacture work on a turret lathe:
1. Tap with die holder
2. Adjustable Shaft tool holder
3. Boring heads
4. Rear tool holder
5. Straight Shaft tool holder
6. Multi tool holder
7. Split bushes
8. Long with short tool holders
9. Changeable tool holder
10. Adapter sleeves
11. Adapter flange
12. Inclined Shaft tool holder

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