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Grinding Wheels Material

Grinding Wheels Material Points : Grinding Wheels Material, Abrasive, Natural abrasives, Artificial/Manufactured Abrasives Grinding wheels are containing out of abrasive with bond in a proper shape and size. Abrasive Abrasive is some material which has capability to wear away other material. Abrasives can be alienated into two categories. a) Natural
b) Artificial
a) Natural abrasives Natural abrasives for example sandstone garnet flint emery quartz with corundum are use former to the early part of 20th century. b) Artificial/Manufactured Abrasives Artificial Abrasive is also known as Manufactured Abrasive, use expansively as their grain size, shape and cleanliness can be strictly controlled. This equality of grain size and shape which make certain that each ruin does its share of work is not feasible by natural abrasive. There is numerous type of manufactured abrasives.
1. Aluminum oxide
2. Silicon carbide
3. Boron carbide
4. Cubic boron nitride
5. Manufactured diamond

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