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Monday, 16 February 2015

Working of Biogas Power Plant

Working of Biogas Power Plant Points : working of biogas power plant, energy conversions of biogas power plant The bio gas plant through general circular digester under ground level by floating holder invented of steel (galvanized). Dung slurry by enough water is pour in mixing tank. It go to digester where fermentation takes place. Biogas is created through the digestion, hydro-gasification. Digestion is organic method that occurs in absence of oxygen and in existence of anaerobic organism at ambient pressure with temperature of 35° to 70°C. Owing to digestion slury rise leisurely and over flows top of adjacent chamber. Fermentation is incessant and biogas produced with the digestion, flow up through slurry and gets collect in floating tank. It is sealed by ring of water so that gas does not leak out. Floating tank go up and down on guides depending upon pressure within it. Through placing extra weight on gasholder, pressure of gas in floating tank can be improved. Biogas is detached as of top of gas holder for use. Use slurry, which rise by outlet pipe, can be use as compost for agriculture. Energy Conversions Chemical energy = Heat energy

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