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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Components of Thermal Power Plant

Components of Thermal Power Plant Points : Components of Thermal Power Plant, parts of Thermal Power Plant The major components of thermal power plant are:
1. Condenser Unit
2. Steam Turbine
3. Boiler
4. Economiser
5. Superheater
6. Feed Pump
7. Air Preheater
8. Generator
1. Condenser Unit The steam after passed through the turbines is condensed in a condenser. The water is then supplied to the cooling tower where it is cooled. The water is then fed to the feeder pump from where it is given to the boilers. 2. Steam Turbine Turbine consists of impeller mount on shaft. As superheated steam turn turbine impeller, turbine shaft rotates. In this method superheated steam is extended. 3. Boiler Boiler is closed container where water is changed in to steam. Therefore it is too call as steam generator. Commonly boilers are coalfired where grate is give for combustion of coal. 4. Economiser Economiser is an accessary attach to boiler which is again placed in path of flue gases to use heat as of them. Water as of feed pump is pass with economiser to boiler drum so that before entering boiler drum, it is heated and less input will be necessary to change it into steam, therefore increasing the efficiency of plant. 5. Superheater Superheater is accessory attach to boiler which is placed in path of flue gases exit boiler and flow towards chimney. It changes wet steam into dry (superheated) steam by use the heat as of flue gases. 6. Feed Pump It flow (pumps) condensate as of condenser into boiler drum by the economiser. 7. Air Preheater Air preheater is too an accessary attach to boiler (located in path of flue gases) which utilises heat as of flue gases to heat air before passed to grate for combustion of fuel. 8. Generator Generator shaft is attached by the turbine shaft. As turbine shaft turn, it drives generator shaft, thus convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

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