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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Fuel Cells Energy

Fuel Cells Energy Points :Definition Fuel Cells Energy, short note on fuel cells, reactions of fuel cells energy The fuel cells are electrochemical device which change chemical energy of conventional fuel openly into electrical power, generally, in fuel cells, electrical material in structure of gases, are supply to cell and obsessive to make electricity. Fuel cell is eminent as of a battery in that it operates by continuous replacement of fuel of electrode area and it does not need any charging. Then some type of fuel cells, but mainly general type is Hydrogen-Oxygen cell. Basically, fuel cell include of two electrodes divided through an electrolyte similar to NaOH, KOH. Hydrogen gas which is use as a fuel is supplied constantly to anode or fuel electrode. Oxygen is supply to cathode or oxidizer electrode.
Reactions i) By anode through catalytic act of electrode, oxidation takes place. Two molecules of hydrogen are ionised into four protons (H+) and four electrons.

2H2 → 4H+ + 4e- (Oxidation)

ii) By cathode, oxygen is subtle by a leaky carbon electrode. Electrons pass by the external circuit, therefore deliver electrical energy, (current at all times flows in direction opposite to direction of flow of electrons). Positive hydrogen ions exceed through electrolyte to cathode.

At cathode, reduction takes place.

4e- + O2 + 4H+ → 2 H2O (Reduction) ...(II)

The generally reaction is a impulsive oxidation - reduction reaction. Combine action at two electrodes is obtained by adding equations (I) and (II)

2H2 + O2 → 2H2O

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