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Monday, 16 February 2015

Components of Biogas Power Plant

Components of Biogas Power Plant Points : components of biogas power plant, parts of biogas power plant A biogas power plant contain of following parts.
1. Inlet chamber
2. Outlet chamber
3. Gas outlet pipe
4. Digester
5. Foundation
6. Mixing tank
7. Dome
1. Inlet chamber Inlet chamber has a bellmouth shape and is prepared of bricks, cement and sand. It has it’s top opening at ground level. Outlet wall is given slope to allow daily cattle dung feed to go simply to the digester. 2. Outlet chamber It is that component of plant by which digest slurry moves out of digester at a fixed height. It has a petite rectangular cross-section and over this it becomes larger to a definite height. For simple cleaning (maintenance) of digester, two steps are provide in it. It’s top opening is too at ground level. Just by the top opening, small outlet is providing by which the digested slurry flows to a manure cavity. 3. Gas outlet pipe It is small piece of G.I. pipe which is fixed at top of the pitch for passing on the gas to the points of use. A valve is fixed at it’s end to control flow of gas to gas connections. 4. Digester It us underground cylindrical wall part prepared of bricks, sand and cement. Here fermentation of manure take place. Thus it is too call as fermentation tank. Two rectangular openings facing each other are provide for inflow and outflow at approximately center of it’s height. 5. Foundation Foundation is compacted base of digester prepared of cement material and brick ballast. It is so construct to it can give a constant foundation to digester walls and bear occupied load of slurry fed to digester. It must be water proof to stop percolation or water leak. 6. Mixing tank It is tank where gobar (dung of animals) and water are mix accurately in ratio of 1:1 to create surry which is then pour into inlet chamber. 7. Dome Dome is a roof of digester. It has a permanent height. The gas gets collect in space of dome and exerts pressure on slurry in digester.

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