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Monday, 5 January 2015

Components of Cornish Boiler

Components of Cornish Boiler Points : Components of Cornish boiler, Parts of Cornish boiler Components of Cornish boiler are given below:
1. Grate
2. Chimney
3. Shell
4. Side flue
5. Bottom flue
6. Ash pit
7. Tubes
8. Blow of cock
9. Stop valve
10. Safety valve
1. Grate Grate is put where fuel is additional for burning. 2. Chimney Chimney takes smoke as of the bottom flue and put up with it out to atmosphere. 3. Shell Shell which has water inside it with tubes. Heat transfer among hot gases and water is occurring here. 4. Side flue Flue is tubes which obtain hot gases after they passes out as of fire tubes. Flue there at side of horizontal shell is call side flues. 5. Bottom flue Flue there at bottom of the shell is call bottom flue. Bottom flue takes the smoke to the chimney. 6. Ash pit Ash pit is the one which control the ashes of fuel aster they are totally burn. 7. Tubes Tubes are there inside shell and warm gases flow through them. 8. Blow of cock Blow of cock is use to clean boiler with discharging water and sediments as of bottom of boiler. 9. Stop valve This valve is use to control the flow of steam as of boiler. 10. Safety valve This valve of function is to stop the steam pressure as of above the maximum limit.

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