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Monday, 23 February 2015

Boiler Mountings

Boiler Mountings Points : boiler mountings These are dissimilar stuff and devices attach which are needed for process and safety of a boiler. Generally these devices are mounting above boiler shell.
Boiler Mountings
1.Safety Valves (Spring Loaded Safety Valve, Dead Weight Safety Valve, Lever Safety Valve).It is attach on top of front end plate of boiler.It is use to discharge excess steam while pressure of steam inside the boiler drum go above rated pressure.
2.Steam Stop Valve.It is fixed to the highest part of boiler shell.It is use to control flow of steam as of the boiler to bus bar as per requirement and shut off steam flow while not necessary.
3.Feed Check Valve.It is fixed to front end plate of boiler drum to some extent below normal water level.It is use to allocate supply of water to boiler drum at high pressure constantly and too prevent back-flow of water as of the boiler while the pump pressure is under boiler pressure.
4.Water Level Indicator.It is attach to lower part of front end plate of boiler.It shows the level of water in boiler drum continually.
5.Fusible Plug.It is fixed in excess of crown of Furnace or above combustion chamber.It is use to put off fire in furnace of boiler while water level in boiler drum falls below rated level.
6.Bourdon’s Pressure Gauge.It is attach to upper part of front end plate of boiler.It is use to show the pressure of steam in boiler drum.
7.Blow-off Cock.It is fixed to lowest part of boiler also directly to boiler shell or to a pipe attached to boiler.6. It provides two function.

1) To unfilled boiler as necessary for cleaning, repair and inspection.
2) To release the mud and sediments carried by the feed water.

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