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Monday, 5 January 2015

Requirements of a Good Boiler

Requirements of a Good Boiler Points : Requirements of a Good Boiler Requirements of a good boiler are specified below.
In general boiler is supposed to generate large quantity of steam at desired pressure and temperature quickly and efficiently.
  1. It must contain enough steam and water storage capability to meet fluctuation in demand and to prevent variation in steam pressure or water level.
  2. It must be able of generating steam at preferred rate at preferred pressure and temperature by minimum fuel utilization and cost.
  3. Its construction must be simple and include good workmanship for ease of inspection and repairs that is simply accessible parts.
  4. There must be minimum frictional power loss during flow of hot gases and water/steam that is pressure drop throughout the system must be minimum.
  5. Tubes must be so planned so as to have smallest soot deposition and good power against wear. Boiler must contain a mud drum to receive all impurities.
  6. Boiler should contain its heating surface almost at right angle to current of hot gases for good heat transfer.
  7. Boiler must have capability to get started rapidly from cold.
  8. Boiler must contain a constant and thorough flow of water.
  9. It must be equipped with all required mountings.
  10. Boiler must have strength to bear up excessive thermal stresses.
  11. Boiler should absorb less floor area and space.

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