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Monday, 5 January 2015

Cornish Boiler

Cornish Boiler Points : Cornish Boiler, What is Cornish Boiler Cornish boiler is horizontal fire tube boiler have single flue gas tube. All-purpose arrangement is extremely like lancashire boiler. Water surroundings the flue gas tube in the case. Hot flue gas after passing during the tube are separated into two section at the end of boiler and go by through side flue passage to reach upto front of boiler and then enter into base flue gas way for escaping out through chimney after traverse the whole length of bottom way. Hot gases therefore traverse total length of passage as of end to end of boiler thrice that is through major flue gas tube, side flues and bottom flues. Heat move is more as of side flues than bottom flue due to sedimentation in base. These boilers are usually able of producing steam up to speed of 1350 kg/hr and utmost steam pressure up to 12 bar. Shell is commonly of length 4 to 7 m and thickness 1.2 to 1.8 m.

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