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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Uses of Compressed Air

Uses of Compressed Air Points : Uses of Compressed Air, Applications of Compressed Air The compressed air finds function in following fields.
  1. For scavenge and supercharging internal combustion engines.
  2. In gas turbine plants, beseemer convertors use in steel plants and so on.
  3. For pneumatic gauging, inspection and small cost automation systems.
  4. To work pneumatic brakes in an vehicle, railways.
  5. For farming accessories for example dusters, sprayers.
  6. For produce air blast in furnace.
  7. To control pneumatic drills.
  8. For starting diesel engines.
  9. For rise of pneumatic tyres.
  10. Cooling bigger buildings.
  11. In insect killers.
  12. For driving air motors.

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