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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Classification of Hydraulic Turbines

Classification of Hydraulic Turbines Points : Classification of Hydraulic Turbines, Types of Hydraulic Turbines Hydraulic turbines are classify according to different principle as

1) According to action of water on moving blades
i) Impulse turbines
ii) Reaction turbines

2) According to supply head requisite
i) Low head turbines (1 to 70 m)
ii) Medium head turbines (40 to 700 m)
iii) High head turbines (400 to 1600 m)

3) According to way of flow of water in the runner
i) Tangential flow turbines (pelton wheel)
ii) Radial flow turbines (francis turbine)
iii) Axial flow turbines (kaplan turbines)

4) According to exact speed of turbine
i) Low specific speed turbines (0-50 : pelton wheel)
ii) Medium specific speed turbines (50-400 : francis turbine)
iii) High specific speed turbines (400-800 : kaplan turbine)

5) According to axis of revolution of turbine shaft
i) Horizontal axis turbines
ii) Vertical axis turbines

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