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Boring Defects

Boring Defects Points : Boring Defects and Possible Causes The various boring defects are given below: 1. Cracking (a) Worn out or chipped cutting edge
(b) Rudely applied coolant
(c) Lack of rigidity
(d) Cutting speed also low
(e) Chatter
2. Poor surface finish (a) Cutting speed also low
(b) Feed speed too high
(C) Dull tool
(d) Too little nose radius
3. Chatter (a) Faulty front clearance
(b) Over back rake
(C) Nose radius also large
(d) Lack of inflexibility in boring
4. Excessive tool wear (a) Cutting speed too low
(b) Feed speed too low
(c) Incorrect tool grinding
(d) Poor finish on tool
5. Chipping of cutting edges (a) Cutting edging not suitably supported
(b) Chatter due to lack of inflexibility
(C) Scale or insertion in workpiece material
(d) Interrupted cut
(e) Lack of inflexibility in boring bar
(f) More use of tools

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