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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Boring Machine Tools

Boring Machine Tools Points : Boring Machine Tools There are four types of cutting tools at in general use for boring proces:
(i) Forged boring bits
(ii) High speed steel tool bit
(iii) Cemented carbide bit
(iv) Ceramic inserts

Small holes can bored through solid forged single point cutting tools. Cutting tool is also prepared of HSS or cutting end is tip in an offset V-grooved tool holder. Cutting end of tool is formed like to that of left-hand turning tool and It has face clearance, side clearance with side rake angles. Front clearance angle must large sufficient to rubbing of workpiece at heel. Shape of cutting edge is governed through the kind of process to perform. For shoulder turning, forged boring tool is like to left hand facing tool. While for boring straight hole, cutting edge of tool is similar to left hand turning tool. For boring hole above large length, double ended cutter is use.
Mainly boring process use single point cutter insert in bar, which can go in hole to bored. Sometimes cemented carbide inserts use for boring. These triangular inserts can use for blind hole boring or boring to square. Put in can locked in place by a lock pin. Lock can also tightened or loosened which makes put in indexing rapid, simple and precise.

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