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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Boring Machine Operations

Boring Machine Operations Points : Boring Machine Operations, Vertical Boring Machine Operations Different operations carried out in a vertical boring machine are explain below:
1. Cylindrical turning
2. Turning plane surface
3. Cutting off or necking or forming
4. Boring
5. Taper turning
1. Cylindrical turning Cylindrical turning tool head is lock to put off horizontal movement beside the cross rail. Then tool post in tool head is fed downwards to turn surface. To give the depth of cut, tool head is not closed and motivated along cross rail.
2. Turning plane surface Turning plane surface, the tool is given croswise movement (that is perpendicular to axis of revolution of workpiece). This is complete through cross feed of tool head. Depth of cut is specified with downward regulation of tool head. As turning, tool head and cross rail are locked in position.
3. Cutting off or necking or forming This operations are completed by give cross feed to head. In cutting off process a cutting off tool is use. In necking, a tool of proper width is use. A forming tool is use in forming process.
4. Boring Boring small diameter is completed through using a boring bar. Boring bar is attached to tool head. Downward movement of tool is given with tool head.
5. Taper turning Equally inside and outside taper can formed in vertical boring machine. Tool head is swiveled to necessary angle. Tool is fed at the angle set. Cross feed of tool head locked through taper turning.

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