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Type of Milling Machines

Type of Milling Machines Points : Type of Milling Machines, Classification of milling machine Milling machines can categorize into different class depend upon their construction, specification and operations. The option of any particular machine is principally resolute by nature of work to be complete, its size, geometry and process to perform. The usual classification of milling machines on basis of its construction is given below.

Classification of milling machine has three categories and every category has its classifications given below:
1. Column and Knee Type Milling Machine a. Vertical Milling Machine
b. Universal Milling Machine
c. Plain Milling Machine
d. Omniversal Milling Machine
e. Head Milling Machine
2. Fixed Bed Type Milling Machine (a) Simplex Milling
(b) Duplex Milling
(c) Triplex Milling
3. Special Type Milling Machine a. Rotary Table Milling Machine
b. Pantograph Milling
c. Planetary Milling
d. Tracer Milling
e. Drum Milling
1. Column and Knee Type Milling Machine Column knee type of milling machine consists of a base have different control mechanism house there in. Base consists of vertical column at one of its end. There is one additional base over main base with attach to column that serves as worktable prepared by different attachments to hold workpiece. This base have work surface is recognized as “knee” of milling machine. At top of column and knee type milling machines are classify according to different methods of supply power to table, unusual movements of table with different axis of rotation of main spindle. These are explaining as below. a. Vertical Milling Machine Vertical milling consists of a milling spindle mount vertically in milling head. Milling head consists of a scale give in degrees and can swivelled with set at any slanting place. In construction and drive, it is like to horizontal milling machine, except for in spindle direction. This machine is generally use for end milling work by end mill cutters, and for make flat surfaces.
b. Universal Milling Machine In look universal milling is like to horizontal milling machine. Worktable of this machine is providing by another extra swivel faction by an index or dividing head placed at end of table. Swivelling attachments give on these machines facilitate in cutting spirals, cams and gears in adding to usual milling operations. These machines are extremely precise and are use mostly for tool room work.
c. Plain Milling Machine Plain milling machine is like to hand milling machine except feed movement can powered controlled in adding to manual control.
d. Omniversal Milling Machine This might be supposed as a customized type of plain (horizontal) milling machine. It consists of two spindles, one of which is in horizontal plane, as other is carry through a universal swivelling head. Latter can set in a vertical point and swivelled up to 45° on equally sides. Knee of this machine can too be swiveled in horizontal plane, therefore enable it to perform a large number of operations.
e. Head Milling Machine Lest of head milling machine feed movement is given by hand and movements of machine are providing with motor. This is easy and light duty milling machine intended for necessary operations.
2. Fixed Bed Type Milling Machine Fixed bed milling, table is mounting on unchanging bed in its place of a saddle and knee, as in the case of plain milling machine. As the bed is set, it cannot move about up down or across. Machine consists of a changeable spindle head spindle mover set tightly to column by parallel vertical ways. Spindle head hold the spindles, which can motivated up and down beside the column ways to change the tool in the correct point for carrying out dissimilar milling operations. Other customized forms of fixed bed milling machines are duplex head with triplex head fixed bed milling machines. (a) Simplex Milling Simplex milling cutter is mount on spindle head which can travel vertically on column. (b) Duplex Milling Duplex milling machine have double spindle heads, one on each side of table. (c) Triplex Milling Triplex milling machine have three spindle heads one each side of table and third one is mount on cross rail. 3. Special Type Milling Machines Special purpose milling machine is completely different in design and construction from the conventional milling machines. a. Rotary Table Milling Rotary table milling is too known as a continuous milling machine, consists of a heavy and strong construction and is mostly use for extensive production. It is identifying a continuous milling machine as no idle time is required in locate the component on its bed. It has of a heavy base, column and spindle carrier. Columns hold two vertical spindles use for rough cuts with finishing cuts. Heavy circular table able of turning about the vertical axis is mounting on base to hold the components. A figure of fixtures is use for holding components on table. These machines are extremely proper for mass production of components. Production speed is thrice as fast as that of planer type milling machines. b. Pantograph Milling Pantograph milling machine replicate the workpiece at any preferred scale of pre-decided model. Profiling machine copy full size of the pattern attach to machine. c. Planetary Milling Planetary milling machine, work is held motionless as the revolving cutters in an earthly path. It uses to finish cylindrical face of a workpiece inside or outwardly or equally. d. Tracer Milling Tracer milling machine can make any pre-decided irregular or difficult shape of dies, moulds by synchronize actions of cutter and tracing elements. e. Drum Milling Drum milling machine is worktable rotates about a horizontal axis and is call drum.

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