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Components of Diesel Power Plant

Components of Diesel Power Plant Points : Layout of Diesel Power Plant, Components of Diesel Power Plant The important components of diesel power plant are given below: 1. Diesel Engine
2. Lubrication System
3. Cooling System
4. Air Filter and Supercharger
5. Fuel System
6. Exhaust System
7. Engine Starting System
8. Governing system
1. Diesel Engine Engine is the major component of a diesel power plant. Engines are classify as two stroke engine with four stroke engines. Engines are commonly directly fixed to generator for rising power. In diesel engines, air admit into cylinder is dense. At end of compression stroke, fuel is injected. Fuel is burn with the burning gases enlarge with do work on piston. Shaft of engine is straight attached to generator. After combustion, the burned gases are exhausted to environment. 2. Lubrication System Lubrication system is including oil tanks, coolers oil pumps, and pipes. It is use to decrease the friction of affecting parts with decrease wear and tear of engine parts for example cylinder walls and piston. Lubrication oil which gets heated due to friction of moving parts is cooled previous to recirculation. Lubrication system the oil is pump as of lubricating oil tank throughout the oil cooler where oil is chilled through the cold water ingoing the engine. Hot oil after cooling the moving parts go back to the lubricating oil tank. 3. Cooling System Temperature of burning fuel in engine cylinder is in order of 15000 C to 20000 C. In classify to lower this temperature; water is spread about the engine. Water envelopes (water jacket) engine, the heat as of combustion chamber, cylinder, piston etc, is passed by circulating water. Hot water leaving the jacket is passed through heat exchanger. Heat as of the heat exchanger is passed away through raw water circulated through heat exchanger with is cooled in cooling tower. 4. Air Filter and Supercharger Air filter is use to eliminate the dust as of air which is taken by the engine. Air filters might be of dry type, which is made up of felt, wool or cloth. In oil bath kind of filters, air is sweep above a bath of oil so that dust particles get covered. The purpose of supercharger is to amplify the pressure of air supplied to engine and thus the power of engine is enlarged. 5. Fuel System Fuel System is including fuel transfer pump, storage tank, fuel pump, heaters and strainers. Pump draws diesel as of storage tank with supplies it to small day tank during filter. Day tank supply daily fuel require for engine. The day tank is generally placed high so to diesel flows to engine under gravity. Diesel is over clean before being injected into engine with the fuel injection pump. The fuel injection system performs the following purpose.
  • Dispense the atomized fuel correctly in combustion; chamber.
  • Meter the accurate amount of the fuel to be inject.
  • Secure excellent atomization of fuel oil.
  • Time the injection method.
  • Control the fuel supply.
  • Filter the fuel
Fuel is supplied to engine according to the load on plant.
6. Exhaust system Exhaust gases coming out of engine is extremely noisy. In order to decrease the noise a silencer (muffler) is use. 7. Engine Starting System The diesel engine use in diesel power plants is not self starting. Engine starting system include air compressor with starting air tank. This is use to start engine in cold condition by supply the air. 8. Governing System Governing system is use to control speed of engine. This is done by unreliable the fuel provide according to engine load.

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