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Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydro Electric Power Plant

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydro Electric Power Plant Points : Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydro Electric Power Plant Advantages
  1. Hydraulic turbine can be switch on with off in an extremely small time. In a thermal or nuclear power plant steam turbine is place on turning gear for about two days during start-up with shut-down.
  2. Hydraulic power plant is moderately easy in concept and self-contained in process. Its system dependability is greatly greater than that of other power plants.
  3. Present hydro-generators provide high efficiency over a significant range of load. This helps in improving system effectiveness.
  4. Running expenses of hydropower installations are extremely low as compare to thermal or nuclear power stations.
  5. Water supply is perennially available. No fuel is necessary to be burnt to produce electricity.
  1. Power generation is reliant on the amount of water available, which might vary as of season to season and year to year. If rain is in time with adequate, then just the acceptable process of plant can be expected.
  2. Such plants are frequently far away as of the load centre with need long transmission lines to convey power. Therefore the cost of transmission lines and losses in them are additional.
  3. Hydro-power development is resources exhaustive by a low rate of return. Annual interest of this capital cost is a big part of annual cost of hydro­power installations.
  4. Development time of hydro projects is fairly large. The break among the foundation and completion of a project might extend as of ten to fifteen years.
  5. Big hydro-plants worry the ecosystem of the area, through way of deforestation, destroy vegetation with uproot people.

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