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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Classification of Milling Cutters

Classification of Milling Cutters Points : Classification of Milling Cutters Milling cutter are classified in different ways. According to Construction of Milling Cutter (a) Solid milling cutter
(b) Inserted teeth cutter
(c) Tipped solid cutter
According to Relief Characteristics of Cutter Teeth (a) Profile relieved cutter
(b) Form relieved cutter
According to Way of Mounting the Cutters (a) Arbor type
(b) Facing cutter
(c) Shank cutter
According to Way of Rotation of Cutter (a) Right hand rotational cutter
(b) Left hand rotational cutter
According to Direction of Helix of the Cutter Teeth (a) Parallel straight teeth
(b) Right hand helical
(c) Left hand helical
(d) Alternate helical teeth
According to Function of Use of the Cutter (a) Standard milling cutter
(b) Special milling cutter

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