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Advantages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Power Plant

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Power Plant Points : Advantages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Power Plant Advantages
  1. Through using nuclear fuel we can preserve fossil fuels like coal, gas, oil and so on for other function. Such as coal can use to power steam engines, gas be use for cook and oil can use for running vehicles.
  2. Plant is not affect by weather environment. Plant can function during the year (Hydel power plants depends on monsoon).
  3. Fuel use in nuclear power plant is uranium; it does not discharge chemical or solid impurity into the air through use.
  4. Nuclear power plant is only cause which can meet the rising require of electricity.
  5. Fuel transport cost is low and no large storage space area for fuel is needed.
  6. Nuclear power plant use greatly less fuel than a fossil fuel plant
  7. Space need is less while compare by other power plants.
  8. Fuel utilization is very less.
  1. Different fossil fuels which are presented to most of countries, uranium is very scare source with be present in only few of countries. Permissions of some worldwide authorities are requisite before someone can even thought of construction a nuclear power plant.
  2. Radioactive waste has to be disposed carefully, or else it will harmfully affect the health of people and the atmosphere as a whole.
  3. Nuclear reactors are built by some safety systems intended to have the radiation given off in the fission process.
  4. Nuclear plants price extra to build than thermal or hydro electric power plants of the similar capability.
  5. When uranium has finished splitting, the resulting radioactive by-product needs to be removed.
  6. Well qualified people are necessary to control the plant.
  7. Not proper for changeable load conditions.
  8. Maintenance cost of plant is elevated.

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