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Working of the Thermal Power Plant

Working of the Thermal Power Plant Points : Working of the Thermal Power Plant, Working of the Steam Power Plant Steam is produce in boiler of thermal power plant use the heat of fuel burn in combustion chamber. Steam produce is pass through steam turbine where element of its thermal energy is changed into mechanical energy, which is added use for create electric power. Steam coming out of steam turbine is reduced in condenser with condensate is supplied back to boiler by facilitate of feed pump and cycle is continual.

The purpose of steam turbine is to change part of heat energy of steam into mechanical energy. The purpose of boiler is to produce the steam. The purpose of condenser is to condense steam coming pout of steam turbine at low down pressure. The purpose of pump is to elevate the pressure of condensate as of condenser pressure 0.015 bars to boiler pressure 200 bar. The other mechanism similar to superheater, economizer, with steam feed heaters (steam as of dissimilar points of turbine is fed to heaters to heat the condensate to a elevated temperature are use in primary circuit to amplify generally efficiency of thermal power plant.

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