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Advantages and Disadvantages of Thermal Power Plant

Advantages and Disadvantages of Thermal Power Plant Points : Advantages and Disadvantages of Thermal Power Plant, Merits and Demerits of Thermal Power Plant Advantages
  1. Amount of water in hydroelectric plant depends on nature, for Example Rivers and rain. This is not so in case of thermal power plants.
  2. Power plant might be placed near load centre, so to cost of transmission with losses due to transmission are significantly cheap.
  3. The structure with commission of thermal power plant takes smaller time when compare to hydro electric power plant.
  4. The first price of construction of plant is low contrast to hydro electric plant.
  5. The fuel used is quite cheap.
  1. Fuel (oil or coal) use in thermal power plant will single day get worn out as it is a non renewable source of energy that is use.
  2. It can’t use as peak load plant, as its part load effectiveness decrease extremely rapidly by decreasing load.
  3. Transportation of fuel is a main trouble for power plants placed away as of coal fields.
  4. Smoke created with the burning fuel as exhausted into atmosphere reason air pollution.
  5. Cost of power generation is significantly high compare to hydro-electric power plant.

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