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Classification of Steam Power Plants

Classification of Steam Power Plants Points : Classification of Steam Power Plants Steam power plants might be classified as follows:
1. Industrial power stations or captive power stations
2. Central stations
1. Industrial power stations or captive power stations. This kind of power station is run through a manufacturing company for it’s possess use with its productivity is not accessible for common sale. Generally these plants are non-condensing as a large amount of steam (low pressure) is necessary for dissimilar manufacturing process. 2. Central Stations Electrical energy accessible as of these stations is intended for general sale to customers who wish to purchase it. Commonly, these stations are condensing kind where exhaust steam is discharge into a condenser instead of into atmosphere. In condenser pressure is sustain below the atmospheric pressure with exhaust steam is condense.

In condensing steam power plants the following advantages accrue:
(i) Amount of energy extract per kg of steam is amplified (a given range of engine or turbine develop extra power).
(ii) Steam, which has been condensed into water in condenser, can re circulated to boilers by the facilitate of pumps.
Non-condensing steam power plants a constant supply of fresh feed water is necessary which becomes a trouble at places where there is a famine of pure water.

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