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Friday, 27 June 2014

Layout of Modern Steam Power Plant

Layout of Modern Steam Power Plant Points : Layout of Modern Steam Power Plant, Cooling Water Circuit, Feed Water and Steam Flow Circuit, Feed Water and Steam Flow Circuit, Coal and Ash Circuit Steam power plant has to contain following equipments:
  • Steam generator or boiler contain water. Heat produce in furnace is utilize to change water into steam.
  • Major power unit for example an turbine or engine to use heat energy of steam with perform work.
  • Piping system to express steam with water.
  • Furnace to burn the fuel.
General layout of thermal power plant consists of mostly 4 circuits. The four major circuits are:
1. Cooling Water Circuit
2. Feed Water and Steam Flow Circuit
3. Air and Gas Circuit
4. Coal and Ash Circuit
1. Cooling Water Circuit This circuit has of cooling tower, cooling water pumps and circulating water pump,. The amount of cooling water requisite to condense the steam is significantly large with it is taken as of lake, sea or river. Cooling water is in use as of the upper side of river, it is passed throughout the condenser with heated water is discharge to lower side of river. Such method of cooling water supply is feasible if sufficient cooling water is accessible through the year. This method is identified as open system. As the sufficient water is not accessible, then the water imminent out as of the condenser is chilled also in cooling pond or cooling tower. Cooling is effect by fairly evaporate the water. This evaporative failure (this includes evaporation with put back) is almost 2 to 5 % of cooling water circulated in system. To recompense the evaporative loss, water as of the river is constantly supplied. As the cooling water coming out of condenser is cooled over with supplied to condenser, then the system is identified as closed system. As the water coming out as of condenser is discharge to river downward side frankly, the system is identified as open system. Open system is inexpensive than closed system provide sufficient water is accessible during year. 2. Feed water and Steam Flow Circuit This circuit has of, feed heaters, boiler, turbine and boiler feed pump. Steam produce in boiler is fed to steam prime mover to increase the power. Steam coming out of prime mover is reduced in the condenser and then fed to boiler by the help of pump. Condensate is heated in feed heaters using the steam tapped as of different points of turbine. Feed heaters might be of mix kind or indirect heating form. Various of steam and water is lost passing through unusual components of system, thus, feed water is supplied as of external cause to balance this loss. Feed water supplied as of external cause is passed through the purifying plant to decrease the dissolve salts to a suitable level. The purification is required to shun the scaling of boiler tubes. 3. Air and Gas Circuit This circuit has of air pre-heater, air filter, dust collector and chimney. Air is in use in as of the atmosphere to air preheater throughout the action of a enforced or induce draught fan or with using both. Dust as of the air is detached by means of using air filter previous to deliver to combustion chamber. Exhaust gases moving enough quantity of heat with ash are passed during air preheater where exhaust heat of gases is specified to air and then it is accepted through dust collectors where mainly of dust is detached before exhausting gases to atmosphere throughout chimney. 4. Coal and Ash Circuit This circuit has of ash storage, coal storage, coal handling and ash handling systems. Handling system consists of screw conveyors, belt conveyors and so on. Coal arrives at storage yard with after required handling, pass on to furnaces throughout the fuel feeding mechanism. Ash ensuing as of combustion of coal collect at back of boiler with is detached to ash storage yard during ash handling tools.

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