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Working of Simple Steam Engine

Working of Simple Steam Engine Points : Working of Simple Steam Engine Regard as piston is on crank end side with it is prepared for an external stroke. Port P1 is release with steam enter the cylinder as of steam chest on right side of piston. Steam press on piston external. The movements of piston move crank, the crankshaft with eccentric rod. Flow of steam in cylinder goes on till eccentric go D-slide valve to a position to shut the port P1. The provider of steam to cylinder is closed with steam in cylinder increase, thus steam make work. Toward the ending of outward stroke, D-slide valve opens port P1 to drain pipe with port P2 opens up to confess steam in cylinder as of steam chest at further side of piston, so pushing the piston silently. Use steam as of previous stroke run away during port P1 to exhaust pipe as piston move towards precise. Sequence of inward with outward movement of piston continues which are converted into rotating motion at crankshaft to make an outside work.

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