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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Thread Measuring & Thread Gauges - Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Thread Measuring & Thread Gauges - Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Points : thread measuring and thread gauges, mechanical engineering, metrology, mechanical technology, mcqs, evaluation, judgment, gauging, rating, consideration, analysis, examination, workup, test, review, objective type question and answer, multiple choice questions and answer Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 1. Zero to negative allowance, assemblies are selective and not interchangeable:
(a) Tight fit
(b) Shrink fit
(c) Wringing fit
(d) Sung fit

2. It is imaginary line running longitudinally through the centre of the screw.
(a) Form of thread
(b) Creast of thread
(c) Root of thread
(d) Axis of a thread

3. Crest of threadd is defined as the prominent part of thread, whether it be external or:
(a) Right-hand
(b) Left hand
(c) Internal
(d) None of the above

4. These are straight edges which connect the crest with the root.
(a) Flank angle
(b) Flanks of thread
(c) Angle of thread
(d) All of the above

5. It is the axial distance moved by the thread part:
(a) Pitch
(b) Lead
(c) Lead angle
(d) Helix angle

6. It is the distance from the crest or trip of the thread to the root distance:
(a) Depth of thread
(b) Angle of thread
(c) Helix angle
(d) Axial thickness

7. For an external thread, it is defined as the radial distance between the major and pitch cylinder.
(a) Dedendum
(b) Adendum
(c) Major diameter
(d) Minor diameter

8. It is often referred to as the outside diameter crest diameter or full diameter of external threads:
(a) Major diameter
(b) Minor diameter
(c) Effective diameter
(d) Functional (virtual) diameter

9. The American national standards institute (ANSI) has established the classed of fits are:
(a) 6
(b) 7
(c) 8
(d) 10

10. No movement under lad is intended and no shaking is wanted, it is the tightest fit that can be assembled by hand:
(a) Free fit
(b) Medium fit
(c) Wringing fit
(d) Sung fit

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