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The Cupola Furnace Charge

The Cupola Furnace Charge Points : The Cupola Furnace Charge It possibly stated to the cupola is a exclusive re-melt furnace different as of other re-melt furnaces in to one time the metal with coke are charged in to it a specific quality of iron is take. Re-melt method in a cupola has to be carried on to completion and the results of the process usual. Metallic part of charge consists of pig iron, ferro alloys, market particle foundry go back scrap and at times machine shop scrap such as boring. Pig iron must be of foundry grade which has high silicon in range of 0.75% to 3.75% silicon. It can be of also lo manganese or high manganese type. General Ferro alloys use are ferro manganese, ferro-silicon and ferro chromium. These are accessible in various compositions. Scrap must be of tiny sizes for simplicity of charging. Additional thin sheet metal charges must be avoid as the cause bridging in the cupola with put off the smooth descent of charge. Foundry returns scrap includes gates, risers, spruces, runners with out of order or discarded castings.

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